I am needing the same kind of ability to lock, at least my closet door without removing the knob.. (I rent) I have a nephew that has a drug problem. With the right tools in hand and clear instructions, removing a door lock is an easy DIY task. In the resting state of the lock, the spring is extended. Open the door. The doorknob will be held to the door by two screws. I want to lock the closet. That makes it easier for them to freeze. Picking one lock will be the same for almost every other lock, and once you know how to pick a lock you will be able to do this time and time again. Set the new knob in place, starting from the outside, or locking side, of the door. Check for small notches or depressions in very old door knobs. A door knob, or door handle, uses a spring-loaded latch. Don't ever pick a lock that is not your own. Press this wire with your screwdriver to release the interior half of the lock, then pull the exterior half off by hand. When the new lock gets installed, try and put it in so the key notches are up. Direct the screwdriver straight into the hole until it … The lock set is now unlocked. Locate the small hole in the centre of the outer door knob. Read on to learn how to remove the knob, cylinder, and mortise locks. When the button is turned to the locked position, things are not as I would expect: (1) The outside knob cannot be turned (this is the expected behavior). So unless this is a door inaccessible to others from the outside it is not secure. Remove the outside screws that secure the trim. Pull the trim towards you to access the two long screws that hold the two parts of the doorknob together and remove them. Push firmly on the lock latch mechanism until you feel the latch release. Removing a Knob Door Lock (With or Without Visible Screws) A knob door lock refers to a door turn-knob that has the lock built right in. Performing the removal incorrectly could damage the door knob assembly and possibly the finish of the door. Take a good look at how the knobs fit together when removing them, since you'll need to put everything back together later. (2) The inside knob can still be turned and will open the door, but the door remains locked from the outside. Slip a screwdriver in to release the knob, which will expose a length of wire wrapped around the remaining trim. My Door Knob Turns But Won’t Open. Your photos show it with the notches down. The other thing I wanted to point out is that the handle that you have is called a passage handle and is normally used on interior doors such as a bathroom. When the door knob is locked, the handle will not turn, which keeps the latch from retracting. Insert a flathead screwdriver small enough to fit into the hole, through the hole in the door knob. Remove the strike plate screws and push the latch assembly out. Remove these screws and the doorknob should pull apart into three pieces: the interior knob, the exterior knob, and the latch mechanism that sits inside the door. Pull the latch totally from the hole so that you can remove … The turning of the handle retracts the latch by pulling on the spring and compressing it. I need to have things locked up..I hate locking my bedroom door.. Having the notches up means the pins are on top and less likely to freeze. The slotted button on the outside can be turned to unlock the door handle.

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