Flipping the gate switch will send Abysteels descending down from the ceiling. Players should kill one of the enemies and have a weaker character as an attacker to duplicate other enemies. After that you'll have to wait until Disc 2 when you gain access to the Sunken Gelnika. Later, the Tropical Island and the Jade Passage have high level monsters that can be defeated with little effort to boost stats. After camping the player can immediately camp again and cook the same meal. This mod is a brilliant piece of programming by Aali from the Qhimm Forums. Using the manual form of summons, such as Phoenix, Shiva, PuPu, Bahamut and Tonberry in a reserves chain will allow the player fight continuously by using the Retry option once the battle is over. The easiest way to do this is to learn Control (from Beastmaster) and use it as the sub ability and have Prototype cast Self-Destruct on itself for an instant kill. The only drawback is that monsters yield little gil. The latter is useful if one combines this with the Brave option, which can warrant one, if not all of the awards at the same time several times in a row, resulting in cumulative gain. From Chapter 9 onwards, the player can do the hunt Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe and fight the adamantoise superboss. The player can travel to said location after finding the black chocobo trapped in the Phantom Village. The characters earn AP as they execute commands in battle. section, accessible late in the game, contains stronger versions of the enemies found in the other sections of the dungeon. With an inn only a screen away that charges 30 gil to fully restore your party and save your game this is one of the best places to level up in Disc 1. In Oerba 400 AF after completing the main story, in the Ashensand area, the player can encounter a "paradox sphere" which houses arguably the strongest non-DLC enemy, the Raspatil; defeating it without any bonuses will yield the player 25,000 CP as well as 50,000 Gil. A quick method to acquire EXP in Merged World is to visit the desert next to the Phoenix Tower. The player can defeat him four times and then reset the encounters by saving and resetting the game, exiting the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, or entering the blitzball menu. However, the Shores of Wisdom, available throughout the week, offers massive EXP to all Heroes regardless of origin and has a chance to drop Growth Eggs that further aid in leveling. Ordeals in the upside-down V-shape area, the enemies are those from the Troia area. Party members can be equipped with Gold Hairpins and cast Ultima to end battles quickly. The bombs will respawn when the player backtracks a little. "On Disc 1, upon reaching Junon, the player can pull an alarm in the tunnel that leads to the Junon Underwater Reactor, which will allow the player to fight strong enemies from the start of Disc 2, which yields high EXP and AP, as well as high Gil. Event 17: Rocket Man and Yuffie a traitor Explore the town and talk to everyone. Attacus (Mission 51) gives 75,000/150,000 CP when defeated, although that battle typically lasts at least 15 minutes. Grinding is almost imperative, but in a different way: since the party's level means less than what magic the player junctions, players grind by drawing spells from enemies, and refining spells from items, cards or lower level spells. Equipping three Fury Rings from Gongaga Village will allow characters with a high Strength stat to kill the enemies quickly and without need for user input. This is the best way to farm only magic without gaining experience, but the downside is the party won't gain gil. With a good Holy Lance setup, or use of Curaja, the party can clear the zone in short order for ~120,000 EXP. The Power-Up Dungeons were built purely for grinding, much of which is for crafting materials. The Grand Dragon on Sacrobless Island or Popos Heights, and the Yans on Vile Island, both yield large amounts of EXP. In the Complete Collection, the player can set their cursor setting to memory and go into the Passage of the Eidolons in the underworld, and find a Summoner enemy that summons Arachne or Nagaraja. There is a healing pot located in the Cave of Eblan. Each soldier gives Vincent 10 EXP. When a character equips both the AP Egg (Triple AP) and the Key to Success (Double AP) they will receive 6x the AP they normally earn, a great way to master abilities, but the conditions for earning the Key to Success means the player cannot receive the Mascot dressphere later on during that specific playthrough. This boost may also coincide with active. The player is recommended to bring Porom along as she can pray to regain HP back at the cost of no MP. And while perhaps not useful for the current party they can be useful for Vanille and Sazh who are used next with an expanded Crystarium. For quicker grinding, the player can use the Teleport Stone to travel back to the entrance, use the Gate to travel to Nine Wood Hills, then back to the Windswept Mire and use a Mirage with the Joyride ability to travel back to the Secret Fen where the Malboro Menace Stack can be fought again. It is really easy. If the player programs their gambits correctly, it is possible to sustain an auto-leveling without touching the controller. The desert south of Maranda holds Slagworms and Cactuars, both of which give out high amounts of Magic AP and gil (and the Slagworm gives out high EXP as well). It can summon Ogres and Cait Siths for Edge. Events can also be used as grinding spots. Thus, one random encounter is as good as any other to level up. Additionally, in the 20th Anniversary edition and all remakes based on this version, players can use the Arcane Labyrinth to quickly boost their stats. One way to kill them is to Stagger the Behemoth King and use the Commando's Launch ability to prevent it from replenishing its HP, then killing the Megistotherian. To get Power Sphere, Ability Sphere, Mana Sphere, and Speed Sphere items quickly, the player can inflict Distill abilities on Kottos or Fafnir to get 20 of them, or 40 for an Overkill. The player earns 80,800 EXP from this battle. This encouraged cowardice and was a big hurdle that prevented a lot of casual players from experiencing the bulk of the game. Somersault - Requires the use of Beat Rush 9 times. The Icicle Ridge's "Slip ? Entering EX Mode and using an EX Burst will give the highest EXP gain. From Amur, the player must fly north and to the bay with two forests southwest of the Crystal Tower. By equipping Auto-Regen, Auto-Reflect and Antibody on every character, one is unlikely to die against a Grand Dragon, since it nullifies two of his three attacks. The party can fight Grand Dragons fairly early on, as they can be fought above Gizamaluke's Grotto (Popos Heights). The party should use gambits such as Foe:HP<3,000 to hit only the Ghasts and not the Negalmuur summoning them, and to prevent the party leader remaining KO'd for too long the party can use Decoy to attract as many attacks as possible to other members, and also use a gambit that prompts the allies to use a Remedy on the party leader when needed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the Postscript, the player can take on the "Cold, Hard Justice" Intervention quest that contains two boss battles that yield 75,600 EXP each (the first with Shivalry, the other with the Golden Flan) for a total of 151,200 EXP. An alternate method is to use weapons with SOS Overdrive and Overdrive → AP, armor with SOS Haste, and Auto-Life. During the boss fight against the first helicopter in Chapter 1, at some point it will begin dropping Deepground Soldiers randomly that Vincent can keep defeating. Certain seasonal event items can also have this effect. The best places to grind are usually end-game areas. Once the level cap is reached, players seeking endgame progression will largely depend on Allagan Tomestones. A caveat, though—it's best for the player to be farther along the Crystarium to attempt this, as the fights can be tough. Long recognized as role-playing games par excellence, the Final Fantasy series gets a technological makeover in this installment (and series debut on the PlayStation). If the party is equipped with Embroidered Tippets they could potentially earn up to of 100,000 EXP with each press of the switch.

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