Long celebrated for their superb woodwork and meticulouslyselected materials, the Sweet Flute Company has built a reputationfor the unsurpassed quality and superior tone of their instruments.As a singular destination for woodwind experts, beginners, andconnoisseurs of fine Irish music, our dedicated staff of musiciansand artisans combine their storied musical backgrounds with apassion for producing the finest Irish flutes and whistles availablein the United States and worldwide through our online store. Six keys (as above but add the Long F key) make the scale a little note of the scale a bit flat and a lot to lip up. Although it is played in every county in Ireland, the flute has a strong heartland in the mid-western counties of Roscommon, Leitrim, Sligo, … $203.27. Just around the flute. At the age of eleven Galway won the junior, senior, and open Belfast flute Championships in a single day. The traditional tone holes on 19th century flutes were accidental notes. With obvious parallels to the tin whistle, it was a natural starting place for dropped. desirable for those who enjoy the northern fiddle-players' The wood is in extremely good condition. The Irish flute is a beautiful traditional instrument that can be fun to play and easier to learn than a concert orchestra flute. Hammy Hamilton Keyed Irish Flute - 2nd Hand This is a very rare chance to get your hands on a Hammy Hamilton wooden flute. fully chromatic scale from the bottom D upward. flutes, Bb flute purchasers should seriously consider an "A" Irish Flutes stocked by the Best Irish Flute Makers Arie de Keyser African Blackwood Flute Arie has been making Irish style flutes for some time now and he is a greatly respected maker among flute players and pros. Most recently, Martin made left-handed keyed flutes for Barry Conaty and Garry Shannon in 2012, and for Brian Morgan in 2013. Casey Burns Keyless Folk Flute for Irish Music, in Blackwood. Click on anyof the titles below for more information on specific instruments ormusic. for people who's hands need a bit of extra help are all easy for me. We also now offer a Traditional Irish Flute in D with silver flute finger spacing for people with small hands and/or Boehm-system flute players. It is very fun to play. A little bit about us… Enjoy the magical tones and whimsical songs of the emerald isle withfinely crafted traditional Irish woodwind instruments from theSweetheart Flute Company. So, if you want any holes offset, just remember to add it to foot. The first M&E Irish flute was handcrafted from oak over fifty years ago. the Smoothflow tone hole ... gives a c-natural with the same tone as the other notes in the scale, easier to operate than the original flutes' c-key, gives the perfect c# the old makers intended, but more easily, You can still play c-natural by all the other means, you do have to keep your thumb in place for notes below c. just cover it over with tape if you find you don't like it! A very interesting zero-cost option is the addition of a c hole, covered by This is a superb value fully keyed Delrin flute with a great low D tone.Made from African Blackwood.Keyed for Eb, 2 x F natural, G# and Bb.This is a tapered bore "simple system" flute based on originals made during the 1800'sComes with a Foam Lined Flute BoxThis is a superb value fully keyed … The axle pins are made from hard The thumb-hole 10 watching [Irish flute] Casey Burns B ótube [Irish flute] $1,419.63. Keyless Rudall Perfected, Blackwood, Eccentric Sterling silver is sometimes called The most common holes to move are holes 3 and 6, the third There is no extra charge. For this instrument, the rosewood is very beautiful, more so then cocus I think. I make my hand-forged keys in solid sterling silver - the standard silver pads are floated in on shellac in the old way, are readily available and can be It is a beautiful but unstable wood that acts like a hygrometer even when the wood is very old. Andreas Rogge Low B Flute. Think about it - the modern Boehm flute evolved partly to overcome these wide stretches, leaving the unergonomic 8 keyed flute consigned to the dustbin of history. And you will be able to play most of the Irish stuff. common keys, Needed to play the increasing repertoire of tunes in D minor, Needed to play in F (again a useful singing key), Can be used to improve the clarity of low octave E. This pair of keys extends the flute in D down to C# and C. Some customers request just G# and F, to cover the most commonly needed The note isn't quite as clear as the other notes finger. Innovation is not enough to guarantee first class results; it But 3 or I personally really miss FNat and G# when playing the keyless - especially in many of the Scottish tunes that I play. Irish Wooden Flute. Regular price $849.99. makers learning how to make the old 19th century wooden flutes. The wooden mounts are turned integral with the wood of the For over 40 years, Ralph Sweet and hisexpert craftsmen have constructed the finest Irish flutes, pennywhistles, and fifes from their […] The ends of the axle pins are bullet shaped and Simple system flutes like the ones made by McNeela, Arie de Keyser or Sam Murray can be classed as Irish flutes or Celtic flutes. Five keys (as above but add upper c) brings the benefit of that imperfections remain that might corrupt the seal. It occupies the same position along the flute as did the Probably 90% of the music can be Galeón Delrin Pratten Irish Flute. flute, as per the traditional method. between new and old. drawn sterling silver wire. We have been making wooden instruments since 1974 and are widelyrecognized as giving excellent value for your investment. requires great care in execution too. 4mm (about 1/8") can help a lot and not cause any problems. called Bright Silver 925 (Australian Patent No 688773). Most traditional Irish flutes, such as the original Prattens or Rudalls are usually copied with their original finger spacing, which I find very uncomfortable and limiting. For over 40 years, Ralph Sweet and hisexpert craftsmen have constructed the finest Irish flutes, pennywhistles, and fifes from their Enfield, Connecticut, workshop. The majority of traditional Irish flute players use a wooden, simple-system flute. played with no keys. The Sweetheart Flute Co. is a wooden flutes maker specializing inIrish flutes, pennywhistles, military fifes, baroque flutes, renaissancefifes, folk flutes, piccolos, wooden whistles and tabor pipes. bore Head, MkIII slide, Integral Take a moment to view the wealth of resources, helpful maintenance tips, and information onlessons and instructors within the site. View all Featured Whistles. They closely approximate the appearance of the old pads, The keys $27.10 shipping. It’s mellow and dark tone is well-suited to the modes of Celtic music. Enjoy the magical tones and whimsical songs of the emerald isle withfinely crafted traditional Irish woodwind instruments from theSweetheart Flute Company. From Pakistan. As a young flute player, Michael built his first flute, pictured below, from an oak wheel spoke taken from a horse-drawn carriage. Put a mark where the centre of the new hole should be, and measure the distance Brand New. The 6 main finger holes are normally placed in a straight line, Keyless flutes are available in all of my models, including Prattens, Rudall of the scale, although this can be used to advantage. $45000. repertoire, Needed to play in the key of C (handy for song accompaniment), Desirable for F "accidental" notes in tunes in the more Antique Vintage Old Wooden 4 Key Irish Bb Flute Piccolo Henry Potter London. Martin Doyle does make left-handed keyed flutes for those requiring them and the cost is the same as the right-handed models. $1299. I have developed and use a new form of tone hole which I have Learn to Play Traditional Irish Flute DVD. Irish flutes made from Boxwood have a less direct sound than Blackwood Irish flutes but they are rich in harmonics. The keyless conical flute is an invention of the late 20th century. noise free. Left-handed Keyed Flutes. SO, a good keyed flute is a great goal to aim for and in a world of unlimited budget, I’d say get one. silver 925. ... Paddy Ward 6-Key Blackwood Rudall. The Essential Flute by Ellis Flutes. They produced tones that were clouded and slow to right hand index finger. old c key hole, but is operated by the thumb rather than using the key for the Perfected, Rudall 5088, Rudall Refined, Grey Larsen Preferred and Rudall Bb. These are mostly regarded as novelty instruments, although they do come in handy for certain tunes or for creating a desired mood. $399.99. This can make a significant difference to those Unlike the modern classical flute it has a conical bore and was played by soloists and orchestral musicians of the Romantic period. These flutes and more can be found in our Irish flute store. It can alternatively be It helps to stabilise a flute when it is played constantly but Boxwood keyed flutes … Regular price $1,699.99. perfectly viable option. We’re proud to stock Irish wooden flutes by supreme Irish flute makers including Arie de Keyser, Sam Murray and Hammy Hamilton. $399.00. Randal Hauck Polymer D Flute. and long life. M&E 6-key ebonite D Irish flute This is a flute by Michael Cronnolly out of Ireland. Not particularly important for practice, but the flute (keyed at the time - unkeyed is a new thing) only came into the Irish tradition with any force in the mid-to-late nineteenth century, not the 18th, at which time the flute we know that suits the Irish style had not been invented. That last point alone makes it worth considering. The upper c-key is traditionally operated by the right hand index It gets around these problems while bringing Granted, my Rosewood flute is slightly longer than my cocus keyed, but it responds well. ones?" Regular price $4,599.99. The Lon Dubh flute is an incredible Irish flute. However, with the Irish Flute without key, I did not have that problem. Note that there are two F keys - the "Short" and the Regular price. “ This old flute is in the key of D. The wood is in extremely good condition. When we get to consider keys, the big question is of course "which Six keys (as above but add the Long F key) make the scale a little better and more easy to play. The simple system wooden flute, also known as the traditional Irish flute, or an fheadóg mhór (large Irish whistle), has played an important part in the history of traditional Irish music. So, a good keyless will do you much more good than a poor keyed flute. Key springs are rust-free phosphor bronze, and bear on tiny stainless steel striker The ebonite has a much deeper and resonant tone than delrin, but also is maintenance free. The Irish Flute Store is a true mom & pop shop based out of downtown Greeley Colorado selling and consigning fine Irish flutes and tin whistles. The finger holes are wider apart than on a traditional concert flute. $450.00. your finger to slip off, or cause the flute to rotate slightly. Regular price $899.99. ... By the end of the 1700's this trend culminated in the eight-keyed simple system flute, which had a key for every chromatic note (two for F), and whose range extended down to C (versus D for the Baroque flute). These are usually wooden flutes made from tone woods such as African blackwood, cocuswood, mopane, rosewood, boxwood, or a wood-like plastic composite, polymer. such a long flute fit our small hands (see my article on the original Rudall Flutes in the key of D will play in D and G Major and the It comprises 92.5% pure silver with a little copper added to Bright silver has There is a slight chip in one of the tendons as shown in photo. Free shipping. longer pad and seat life. to a low C. related minors Em, Am and Bm without keys. key or should consider a thumb covered hole for the note "A". M&E Irish Flutes are produced in the west of Ireland. Wooden cases are standard with Martin Doyle's keyed flutes and cost an additional € 92.25 (inc VAT). Eight keys (as for 6-key but add C and C#) extend the range down to a low C. (I do not generally recommend this extension for Irish music as it weakens the bottom D a little. the left thumb. Soprano high E tunable Irish tin whistle. ask! & Rose Bb flutes for the details). The finest wooden flutes for Irish, classical and early music from Australian flute maker Terry McGee; flute research, fingering charts and much more Find out everything about Irish flutes and the 19th century flutes that preceeded them from the leading researcher and maker. I don't recommend offsetting the holes too far, as it can cause Sweetheart Flute Co is now Musique Morneaux! That makes the leading Knockmullen View in Co. Mayo is the home of Michael and Evelyn Cronnolly. The fingering chart system that I am about to describe is frequently used by flutists, with some extentions to cover keyed instruments. For more details on covering holes 1 and 2 of each hand, and letting finger 3 fall where it likes. It is a great musical instrument to possess. can have holes offset too. small hands or suffering from damage or wear. Left handed flutes, flutes for "piper's grip" and special keys struggling to make the stretch demanded by the flute - particularly those with One of the loveliest Celtic instruments is the Irish Wooden Flute. From France. It remains a When you play a keyless D flute in the key of G, you play a cross-fingering "Long". , wooden flutes, keyed and keyless Irish flutes and low maintenance Delrin flutes. longest life. The "all-fingers-off" note (A) on a Low Bb flute tends Olwell Restored Cocus 8-Key Noblet. D is standard for Irish music, but you can also find flutes in A, G, F, Eb, C, B, and Bb. As with the whistle, flutes are available in a range of keys. option really works well here to reduce this problem without having The Irish flute is a conical-bore, simple-system wooden flute of the type favoured by classical flautists of the early 19th century, or to a flute of modern manufacture derived from this design. very useful key. I have one of these with 8 keys; this is the 6 key version (all 6 keys are in good shape). Etude ETB-100 Series Student Trombone (2020 Review), Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet (2020 Review), Etude ETR-100 Series Student Trumpet (2020 Review). plates set into the gap in the wooden mounts, to ensure free action and the Keyed flutes The instrument is similar to the plastic recorder that many children are taught to play in elementary-school music classes, with the primary difference being that the Irish flute is played to the side, while the recorder is played down. Irish flutes. Describing Irish flute ornaments will be made much easier by establishing a convention for representing fingerings at this point. He left school at the age of fourteen and worked as an apprentice to a … protrude slightly from their blocks. Irish Celtic flute in the key of D. $35.00. C $202.27. Lon Dubh’s good quality and ease of use have made it quite popular amongst the music lovers. His first instrument was a five-key Irish flute, and at the age of twelve or thirteen, he received a Boehm instrument. This serves two purposes - pins are The six-keyed flute is, we find, the most popular, with keys giving C natural, G sharp, B flat, E flat, and two keys for F natural (the long and short Fs) thus making the instrument fully chromatic. Buy It Now +C $39.48 shipping. Buy It Now +C $31.12 shipping [Irish flute] Casey Burns B tube low Bb flute With plastic hard case from Japan. are "age-hardened" to minimise the risk of bending if the flute is fingerings, greatly simplifies passages such as B-c-B, necessary for tunes in the key of A, this is particularly In order of general usefulness, we find: For the same reason expressed in the special note under keyless We are available to answerany questions you may have concerning our new andantique instruments, workshop tours,or lessons through ourcontact page. but it presents no problem whatsoever to offset any of them in either direction SKU : IRF045STI. but do not suffer their tendency to squeeze down into the tone holes. used by jewellers and silversmiths. Currently in stock in the key of D, C and Bb. for the c-natural note. Pads are tan leather for authentic appearance, high efficiency This is accomplished with angled thin-walled carbon tube tone hole chimney extenders (patent pending). These are normally offset towards the My cast keys are made in a slightly different alloy; an Australian innovation provided operated by the right hand index finger, or both. The inefficient and noisy. are cut with specially made hand-stoned cutters and examined under a microscope to ensure no better and more easy to play. If you have a flute you are already finding uncomfortable, try been specially formulated to prevent the age-old problem of "fire-stain" By “Irish flute” we mean a wooden flute, most commonly in the key of D, that is well-suited to playing traditional Irish music, with all of its nuance and subtlety. Lon Dubh Polymer Key Low D Irish Flute. dubbed the Smoothflow. hand. much easier to insert, and can be pushed to free them when withdrawing. Having both simplifies some passages, particularly Martin Doyle Traditional Blackwood Flute. easily replaced by any competent woodwind repairer. gives a more accurate and focused c, compared to the cross Some Flute History. Polymer Flute Delrin Maker Irish Celtic. These Irish flutes are based on Pratten’s Perfected modeldating back to the ea… - a form of tarnish which can arise when casting in sterling silver. involving the slur D to F natural. $4.00 shipping. Standard Irish Flute in the Key of D, 4 Parts with Tuning Slide, Rose Wood Black. make it hard enough for practical purposes. Four keys (Bb, G#, Short F and Eb) are the minimum needed for a The first thing to say about keys is that, for many players, they are not noticeably flat, because of the extra compromises involved in making Regular price. Optionally, a c-key operated by the left thumb is possible. speak. necessary. While there are similarities to the iconic Irish Tin Whistle, the Irish Flute is capable of evoking a more melancholy and emotional response from listeners. The eight keyed simple system flute, or the “Irish Flute” was in it’s prime in the first half of the 19th century. finger of either or both hands. your order. Only 3 left. The second F natural key ( the long F) allows the player to go directly from D to F natural, a move which occurs fairly often in traditional music, and which is impossible with only the short F. Regular price $169.99. Cork buffers keep the keys The seats for the pads Regular price $1,999.99 Sold out. Brand New. Stephane Morvan Blackwood 8-Key Pratten. C $65.80. Eight keys (as for 6-key but add C and C#) extend the range down recourse to keys. Bb is traditionally operated by the left thumb.

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