); Sheriff's Book [Tax Roll], 1877-1878, 1883-1884, 1886 (5 volumes); Tax Collection Register, 1894 (1 volume); City and Town and Acreage Tax Roll, 1949-1950 (5 volumes); 1950-1951 (6 volumes); 1954-1955 (6 volumes); 1955-1956 (6 volumes); 1959-1960 (6 volumes); City & Town Assessment Roll, 1930 (4 volumes); 1935 (4 volumes); City & Town Tax Roll, 1940 (4 volumes); 1944-1945 (4 volumes); 1945-1946 (4 volumes); Delinquent Tax Index, vol. 113], 1916-1918 (1 volume); 1919-1921 (1 volume); Grade School Register [Oregon School Register and Record Book-District No. 1 [Township Map Book-shows land ownership-large scale], n.d. (1 volume); Front [Township Map Book-shows land ownership], n.d. (1 volume); Land Registration Docket [with index], vol. FIRM Maps [Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Maps], 1999 (.50 cu.ft. Records include road surveyor notes, alignment, profile, and other survey maps, and road registers. or a functional title. Probate Case Files [title varies], 1864-ca.1935 (59.35 cu.ft. 2, 1903-1906 (1 volume); vol. Information includes survey dates; who the survey was for; donation land claims; township, range, section, and survey numbers; a history of previous surveys made for the area; descriptions of land, vegetation, and soil; landmarks; metes and bounds of tracts surveyed; and surveyor's names. 4, 1904-1911 (1 volume); Law Docket [Circuit Court-with index], vol. 66], 1918-1924 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. [Soil Classification Maps], n.d. (1.25 cu.ft.). 58], 1912-1917 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. A-Z, 27-39, 1905-1961 (39 volumes). “Way back to 1972, county maps show the property as industrial, but once the city adopted the plan in 1977, it became incumbent upon the county to update their maps,” Searles said. Other documents include wills, obligation bonds, quit claims, deeds, conveyances, mortgage satisfactions, agreements, charters, partnership dissolutions, contracts, powers of attorney, liens, leases, marriage licenses, military discharges, ministerial certificates, medical personnel licenses, birth and death certificates, and affidavits of publication. ); Vault Index Circuit Court, n.d. (1 volume); Vault Index Circuit Court Papers, vol. A-Z, 27-279, 1862-1965 (149 reels of microfilm); [Index to Deeds], ca.1864-ca.1976 (3 reels of microfilm); [Uma. The river is named after the Umatilla Tribe. These reports included the date, present name, former name, by whom adopted and county of adoption. [Court Microfilm Records-includes circuit court civil, criminal, and probate case files as well as district court case files-not comprehensive], ca.1863-ca.1997 (ca.600 reels of microfilm). Vault Index to Probate Papers, ca.1915-1940 (1 volume). If the information provided with the petition met the requirements of the court, a decree was issued that served as a legal birth document. Of these claims, 11.11% are active while 88.89% are now closed. Probate case files created since 2016 are maintained electronically. 17, 1896-1930 (1 volume); Final Decree [Umatilla River], 1910-1916 (3 volumes); Finding of Facts and Conclusion of Law, 1909-1910 (1 volume); Index [Umatilla River-also contains Umatilla River Water Right Determination Brief], vol. Zone Map Amendments & Plan Amendments & Text Amendments [Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Map Amendment Case Files-includes related land use actions], ca.1977-present (11 cu.ft.). Women's Separate Property Records, 1871-1882 (.05 cu.ft. Series documents the granting of United States citizenship to petitioners. The population development of Umatilla. Ownership Record [Land-title varies], 1892-1963 (10 volumes); [Tax Lot Cards-Official Record of Description of Real Property], 1962-2000 (33 cu.ft.). 1, 1864-1868 (1 volume); vol. Street Map of Towns Near UMATILLA, OR Town # Streets ECHO, OR 53 HERMISTON, OR 599 IRRIGON, OR 119 KENNEWICK, WA 1216 PATERSON, WA 1 PLYMOUTH, WA 1 RICHLAND, WA 841 STANFIELD, OR 66 Home → America → USA → Oregon. Death Records [Certificates], 1913-1914 (.15 cu.ft. GIS Department 216 S E 4th Street, Pendleton, OR 97801 541 278-6232 Fax: 541-278-6345 gis@umatillacounty.net 83.1.1-11.0021, 1983-2011 (30 cu.ft. Since 1976 mortgages have been recorded in the Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). View topo maps in Umatilla County, Oregon by clicking on the interactive map or searching for maps by place name and feature type. 3-7, 1910-ca.1946 (3 reels of microfilm). [Adopted Budgets-title varies], 1956-2016 (7 reels of microfilm); Umatilla County Adopted Budget, 2016-present (1 binder). Series includes deeds, land sales contracts, quitclaim deeds, homestead exemption claims, corporate certificates, agreements, correction deeds, special assessments of unzoned farmland, easements, and indirect and direct deed indexes. Information includes township, range, and section numbers, names of donation land claim holders and claim numbers, claim dates, acreage, and descriptions of surveys. Election poll books and voter registration records have been inventoried through 1930. Information includes prisoner identification number; date entered; name, address, age, birth date, height and weight, eye and hair color, and nationality of prisoner; arrest date; arresting officer; crime committed; sentence; bail; court; release date; and remarks. If you like this Umatilla County, Oregon, United States map, please don't keep it to yourself. The ends and sides are ten inches of reinforced concrete, covered with two feet of dirt. 1-3, 1913-1950 (3 volumes); vol. School Districts [Superintendent's District Director and Finance Record], 1874-1887 (1 volume); School District [Superintendent's Boundary Record-with index], 1883-1888 (1 volume). ); USGS Maps County [United States Geologic Survey Topographic Maps], 1962-1993 (ca.75 maps); FEMA Flood Maps [Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Maps-with index], 1987-1988 (1 cu.ft. Interactive County Map; Permits & Zoning; Notices; News Releases +1 (541) 276-7111. Marks and Brands [Certificates], 1940-1949 (1 volume); Marks & Brands [Certificates-trifolded], 1882-1912 (.15 cu.ft. Assumed business names have been inventoried through 1964. One can view the tax maps without zoning by visiting the State of Oregon ORMAP site. U.S. district courts were administered by the federal government during the territorial period and subsequently replaced by the circuit courts upon statehood in 1859. 1-6, 1911-1983 (6 volumes); Water Rights Index to Microfilm Records, 1978-1979 (1 volume). 85-Grades 7-8], 1915-1921 (1 volume); 1922-1929 (1 volume); 1934-1938 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 1, ca.1916-1954 (1 volume); Registered Nurses [Record-with index], vol. Mss. 734-3887, 80.10.1-82.12.35, 1946-1982 (15 cu.ft.). World Clock Time Zone Map Europe Time Map Australia Time Map US Time Map Canada Time Map World Time Directory World Map Free Clocks Contact Us. 4-High School], 1924-1930 (1 volume); 1930-1933 (1 volume); 1933-1937 (1 volume); 1937-1938 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. The Sherman County Community Development & Planning Department performs all functions relating to the principles and practices of Oregon Land Use planning for Sherman County, including processing applications and inquiries regarding Land Use Planning. Circuit court records continue after 1983 under authority of the state and are maintained by the trial court administrator. 1, 1863-ca.1864 (1 volume); [Court Microfilm Records-includes circuit court civil, criminal, and probate case files as well as district court case files-not comprehensive], ca.1863-ca.1997 (ca.600 reels of microfilm); [Court Microfilm Records Indexes-to circuit court civil and criminal, probate, and district court case files-not comprehensive], ca.1863-ca.1997 (9 binders); Vault Index to Criminal Actions, vol. [County Court Judicial Journal-includes naturalization-with index], 1863-1890 (1 volume). Umatilla County town plats dating to 1863 were recorded in the Deed Record (Deeds and Indexes). Bounty Record Umatilla County [Animal Scalp], 1909-1923 (1 volume). Adoptions are now determined exclusively by circuit courts. Beginning in 1976 military discharges were recorded in the Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). Since 1866 orders, ordinances, and resolutions have also been included in the County Court Journal and Commissioners Journal (County Commissioners Administrative Journals). Series documents the filing of transactions, authorized by statute, with the clerk or recorder of the county for the purpose of making the transaction a matter of public record. 81-Alkali], 1900-1904 (1 volume); 1906-1909 (1 volume); 1930-1934 (1 volume); District Clerk's Record Book [District No. 4, 1893-1910 ( 1 volume); Miscellaneous Record [with index], vol. D-F, 1924-1960 (3 volumes); General Index Plaintiff, vol. 1, 1885-1895 (1 volume). Minutes [Board of Commissioners Weekly and Administrative Meetings], 2012-present (11 cu.ft.). 1, 1863-1918 (1 volume). 22, 1895-1909 (1 volume); vol. The depot employed two thousand workers during World War II, 27 percent of them women. ); Zone Amendments/Requests [Records-includes comprehensive plan amendments], 1971-1977 (5 cu.ft. Attachment Register [with index], 1893-1909 (1 volume); Certificate of Attachments [with index], vol. [Indigent Soldiers-Application for Relief], 1901-1906 (.10 cu.ft. Series documents the authorization by the state and local governments for the use of public waters. County Bridges [Description Cards-numerical], ca.1923-ca.1953 (.25 cu.ft. Justice court records have been inventoried through 1940. P-Z, 27-37, 1907-1957 (22 volumes); Probate Order Book [title varies-with index], vol. Dates listed in brackets document the range of actual birth dates. Deed Index Grantor & Grantee, vol. Series reports the activities of county officials to the county court or board of county commissioners. Since 1976 mining claims have been recorded in the Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). 47-66, 1947-1960 (20 volumes). Use the buttons for Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share this Umatilla County, Oregon, United States map. Annual premium lists and/or publications may include county fair history, names of fair officers, general fair rules and regulations, event schedules, exhibit lists, and photographs. The public is encouraged not to make unnecessary trips to Umatilla County offices. [Maps of Umatilla County-by township and range], ca.1885 (1 volume); Metsker's Atlas of Umatilla County Oregon, 1932 (1 volume); Standard Atlas of Umatilla County Oregon, 1914 (1 volume); [Livestock District-Map-rolled], ca.2010 (1 map); Misc. The chemical warfare agents VX and GB (nerve agents) and HD (mustard blister agent) were stored as liquid in various types of munitions and containers, including rockets, bombs, projectiles, mines, bulk containers, and aerial spray tanks. At the end of the lengthy public process, the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility was constructed, completed in 2001 at a cost of $395 million. The U.S. Army plans to transfer the depot land to the Columbia Development Authority, a coalition of local and tribal governments. County Judge's Journal [includes juvenile cases-with index], vol. 39, n.d. (1 volume); In Re West Prong of Little Walla Walla River, 1915 (1 volume); John Day and Hudson's Bay [Water Rights Records], ca.1909-ca.1975 (.40 cu.ft. Series documents the process by which a person(s) legally assumes the parenting of another person, most often a child, from that person's biological or legal parent(s). The county seat is Pendleton, but the largest city is Hermiston. They generally include flight path or township, range, and section numbers; show natural and man-made features; and are produced in black and white or color prints to varying scales. ... Development Code and/or Zoning Map. 3, 1914-1915 (1 volume). 2, 1892-1934 (1 volume); Record of Notices of Suspension of Assessment Work on Mining Claims, vol. A-C, 1862-1924 (3 volumes); General Index Plaintiff, vol. Titles listed in this inventory are exactly as they appear on the outside of a volume, box, drawer, or other container. M-O, 1949-1963 (3 volumes); General Index to Mortgages [title varies], vol. County court cases include spousal support, employment compensation, satisfaction of judgments, and divorce. Misc. ); Misc. County Court Petitions [Administrative Records], 1864-1925 (.80 cu.ft.). In most counties, the board of county commissioners has assumed the administrative duties and responsibilities of the county court. Since 1976 deeds have been recorded in the Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). Series contains statements of complaint and commitment recorded by the county clerk or recorder and includes petitions to have an individual committed; physicians certification that an individual is insane; delivery warrants authorizing a county official (usually the sheriff) to take the individual to the state hospital; patient discharges; paroles or transfers; indexes; and correspondence. 16-Pendleton], 1888-1904 (139 volumes). 1-5], ca.1892-ca.1899 (1 volume); Personal Property Tax Roll, 1930 (1 volume); 1935 (1 volume); 1940 (1 volume); 1944-1945 (1 volume); 1945-1946 (1 volume); 1949-1950 (1 volume); 1954-1955 (1 volume); 1955-1956 (1 volume); Record of Delinquent Taxes, vol. Record of Registrations [Voter], 1920 (1 volume). North-central Oregon's relatively mild climate, low humidity, and sparse population were also factors in the selection. On October 27, the first shipment of twenty thousand bombs arrived by rail for storage. Residential Genealogy™ historical map collection, the largest digital collection of rare, ancient, old, historical, cadastral and antiquarian maps of its type. Zoning Maps by Tax Map (PDF Format) for download. In Oregon, Umatilla County is ranked 25th of 36 counties in Building Departments per capita, and 21st of 36 counties in Building Departments per square mile. Series documents the official and financial affairs of the superintendent of schools concerning teachers, students, and schools located in the county. About 7,500 acres will be used by the Oregon National Guard for training, 5,700 acres will be a wildlife preserve, and the remainder will be sold or leased for industrial and agricultural use. [Probate Case Files-includes closed cases], 1985-2004 (150 cu.ft.). 2-7, 1892-1923 (4 reels of microfilm). Chiropodist Register and Naturopathic Register Massage [with index], vol. [County Judge's Journal-volumes 1 to 3 include adoptions-with index], vol. Series documents the development, construction, maintenance, and improvement of county roads and bridges. Records at the Umatilla County Historical Society: [Circuit Court Journal], 1862-1875 (1 volume). 16-Grade 9], 1936-1938 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Information includes name, residence, and occupation of applicants; place and date of birth; emigration place, date, and vessel; declaration of intention dates; name, birthplaces, and birth date of dependents; and renunciation of allegiance to foreign governments. Currently these records are filed with the State Registrar, Vital Statistics Section of the Health Division. 1, 1889-1900 (1 volume); Register of State Certificates and Diplomas [with index], vol. Portions of these records may be restricted. Information includes registration number; place and date of death; name, sex, color, birth date and place, age, and marital status of the deceased; names and birthplaces of parents; primary and contributory cause of death; physician, registrar, and informant signatures; filing date; and date and place of burial. [Watermaster's Reports], 1919 (.05 cu.ft. ); Relief Applications Pauper Hospital Applications, 1891-1907 (.30 cu.ft.). [Record of Mining and Water Claims], vol. 2-3, 1910 (2 volumes). 1, 1905-1968 (1 volume); Physicians and Dentists Register, 1887-1895 (1 volume); Physicians & Surgeons Register & Record [also includes dentist, naturopath, and veterinarian entries-includes additional trifolded documents], vol. County Court Journal [with index], vol. Information includes financial information, school curricula, boundary descriptions, and enrollment and attendance data. However, the county courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties continue to hear probate cases. Because the provision of relief became primarily a state and federal function in the 1930s, records are inventoried through 1939. 3, 1897-1901 (1 volume); Trial Fees [Register-with index], 1890-1915 (1 volume). Gill's School Register [District No. 3-7, 1901-1945 (5 volumes); Active Account Feeble Minded and Insane [Register-with index], vol. Series may also include alphabetical indexes of individuals filing a recording. Criminal Docket [Circuit Court], 1883-1885 (1 volume); Equity Docket Circuit Court [with index], vol. 1-6 ca.1883-ca.1945 (1 reel of microfilm); [Subdivision Plats], vol. Series includes eligibility, enlistment, discharge registers, or muster rolls, and may include alphabetical indexes. ); Minute Book Old Age Pension Commission, 1934-1936 (1 volume). Circuit court records have been inventoried through 1983. Birth records have been inventoried through 1920. 53], 1916-1923 (1 volume); 1934-1939 (1 volume); 1939-1940 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Information includes election date; precinct name and number; office; precinct and total votes; victory margin; winning candidate; county clerk, board of canvasser, and justice of the peace signatures; ballot number; summation of votes; and election board's decision. 32, 1903 (1 volume); Deed Record [Sheriff's Deed], vol. E-F, 1862-1960 (2 volumes). ); Denied Roads [County Road Records Petitions Denied], ca.1870-ca.1909 (1.50 cu.ft. 4-7, 1961-1984 (4 volumes). For information on more recent records, contact the local justice court. Series documents the recording of births by the county. [Probate Court Docket-with index], 1901-1906 (1 volume); Probate Court Docket [with index], vol. [Certificate of Water Rights], 1979-ca.1980 (1 reel of microfilm); Deed Record U.R.W.U.A. Index to Military Discharges, vol. ); Series documents the registration of individuals in compliance with the requirements of relevant Oregon boards of examiners to practice a medical profession in the state. The Umatilla Army Ordnance Depot was opened on October 14, 1941, when the depot was officially designated a military reservation. Maps include area and/or zone descriptions, dates created, scales, and commissioners' signatures. 1-8, ca.1883-ca.1956 (1 reel of microfilm). The city is located on the south side of the Columbia River, and is located on U.S. Route 730 and I … Information includes title and case number; names of plaintiff, creditor, defendant, debtor, and attorney; amount of judgment; description of property levied on; writ of execution; disposition of case; decisions on appeals; dates docketed and satisfied; and volume and page numbers where recorded. ); Testimony [Umatilla River-Book A-F], vol. Thus, the tax maps that are already available has the added feature of the various zoning boundaries. [Deed Books], vol. 1, 1904-1917 (1 volume).​. Deed Record Sheriff's Deed Execution, vol. The Columbia River delineates much of Oregon’s northern boundary gone Washington, while the Snake River delineates much of its eastern boundary similar to Idaho. Since 1987 the Book of Records has been imaged and indexed on a computer accessible in the Records Office Research Room. 5-6, 1911-1922 (2 volumes); Trial Docket Circuit Court, 1883-1884 (1 volume). Bar Docket [Circuit Court], ca.1894 (1 volume); Criminal Docket [Circuit Court], 1888 (1 volume); Law Docket [Circuit Court], 1885-1887 (1 volume); Records Fee Docket Circuit Court, 1864-1867 (1 volume). Vault Index County Court [Judicial Case File Index], ca.1863-ca.1889 (1 volume); Vault Index County Court Papers & Transcripts Justice Court Civil Action, vol. The Umatilla Army Ordnance Depot stored and supplied munitions to the army until the early 1990s. ); [Miscellaneous Planning Department Maps-includes vicinity, flood plain, wind farm, water pipeline, districts, comprehensive plan, and zoning-rolled], ca.1976-present (ca.100 maps); Tech Report [Comprehensive Plan Technical Report], 1980-1984 (.40 cu.ft. Road and Bridge [Miscellaneous Records-includes specifications, maps, contracts, petitions, and related records], ca.1920-ca.1953 (3 cu.ft. Donation land claims resulted from an act of the 1850 Congress under which citizens of the United States, or those who filed a declaration of intention prior to December 1, 1850 and had resided upon or cultivated the land for four consecutive years, were granted a specified amount of acreage in the Oregon Territory. 3, 1928 (1 volume); Statement of Contest [Walla Walla River-with index], vol. ); Misc. 15], 1930-1933 (1 volume); District Clerk's Record Book [District No. 1-16, 1883-present (ca.1000 plats); Town Plats [Working Copies], vol. ); Series documents the annual allotment of funds for county government operations as agreed to by the board of commissioners. 1, 1899-1901 (1 volume); Register of Scalp Bounty Warrants, vol. Information includes deceased party's name; recording and death dates; residence; name and address of executors, administrators, or trustees; estimated values of real and personal property; inventory and appraisal dates; the estate's value according to the appraisals and to the county court; and the names and relationship of heirs. Series records the actions taken by the county's probate court. A [Adoption Case Files], 2005-2016 (10 cu.ft. The torrens system of land registration was abolished in 1972 by Oregon law. A-C, 1-5, ca.1869-ca.1887, ca.1892-ca.1899 (8 volumes); Tax Roll Index, 1940 (1 volume); 1944-1945 (1 volume); 1945-1946 (1 volume); 1949-1950 (1 volume); 1950-1951 (1 volume); 1954-1955 (2 volumes); 1955-1956 (2 volumes); 1959-1960 (2 volumes); 1960-1961 (2 volumes); [Tax Roll-pressboard covers], 1960-1961 (7 volumes). Umatilla ( /ˌjuːmətɪlə/) is a city in Umatilla County, Oregon, United States. [Partition Case Files-by township and range], ca.1989-present (52 cu.ft. ); Record of Births and Deaths, 1915-1926 (2 volumes); Record of Births [includes only 2 entries from 1890-1891], 1890-1891, 1914-1915 (1 volume); Register of Births City of Pendleton [with index], 1892-1897 (1 volume); Series documents the population, property, and agricultural production of the county. Discover the past through State maps of Oregon in our online collection of old historical maps that span over 150 years of growth. 1-4, 1879-1910 (4 volumes). ); Road Master's Reports [and Ledger], 1910 (.10 cu.ft. Information includes judge, plaintiff, defendant, and attorney names; case type; and filing dates of actions and decrees. The records are also referred to as scalp bounty records. Records may be titled School District Clerk Annual Report, District Clerk's Book of Records, District Clerk Record Book, or Oregon School Register and Record Book, which is the most comprehensive record of school district activities. [Note: These records were seen in the 2010 inventory but were not located in the 2017 inventory. This data layer is an element of the Oregon GIS Framework. ); Record of Births and Deaths, 1915-1926 (1 volume); Register of Deaths City of Pendleton [with index], 1892-1897 (1 volume); Series documents the ownership of land. 21, 1928-1932 (1 volume); Contests Numbers 1-215, 235-242 [Umatilla River], vol. 14-15, 1937-1949 (2 volumes); Record County Court Docket [includes administrative and judicial actions], 1883-1885 (1 volume); Board of Commissioners Weekly & Administrative Meeting Minutes [includes related records], 1970-2011 (15 cu.ft. Field Notes [Survey-in gray card file boxes], n.d. (1 cu.ft. 1-12, ca.1883-ca.1997 (2 reels of microfilm); [Umatilla County Plat Books-Town], vol. ); Misc. Later budgets may include organizational charts and a narrative of each county office function. Umatilla, Nature's Hometown, is located in northern Lake County, Florida and offers many outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, camping and hiking. Circuit Court Motion Docket, 1941-1944 (1 volume); Civil Docket Circuit Court, 1883-1884 (1 volume); Court Proceedings [Circuit Court Docket], 1966 (1 volume); Docket [Circuit Court], 1888-1889 (1 volume); Equity Docket [Circuit Court], 1889-1895 (1 volume); Record of Trials Circuit Court, vol. Circuit court records continue after 1983 under authority of the state and are maintained by the state court administrator. Portions of these records may be restricted. 1, 1911-1925 (1 volume). 64, 1910-1920 (1 volume); vol. Skip to the search for the Oregon Secretary of State website, Search for 1892-1897 Umatilla County (City of Pendleton) births in Oregon Historical Records Index​.​​, Search for 1865, 1875, and 1885 Umatilla County state census entries in Oregon Historical Records Index​, Search for 1863-1942 Umatilla County divorces in Oregon Historical Records Index​, Clerk and Recorder Miscellaneous Recordings, County Commissioners Administrative Journals, Board of Commissioners Land Use Hearing Minutes​, County Commissioners Orders, Ordinances, and Resolutions, Search for 1902-1916 Umatilla County coroner's reports in Oregon Historical Records Index​, Umatilla County Comprehensive Plan Maps and Technical Report​, Contact the Oregon Center for Health Statistics​, Search for 1892-1897 Umatilla County (City of Pendleton) deaths in Oregon Historical Records Index​.​, Search for 1863-1929 Umatilla County insane commitments in Oregon Historical Records Index​, Metsker's Atlas of Umatilla County Oregon, Standard Atlas of Umatilla County Oregon​, Search for 1871-1882 Umatilla County married women's property register entries in Oregon Historical Records Index​, Search for 1864-1935 Umatilla County probate case files in Oregon Historical Records Index​, Umatilla County Transportation System Plan​. Series documents information recorded about estates probated in the county or circuit courts. A, 1866-1896 (1 reel of microfilm); [Water Rights Adjudication Records], reel no. ); Umatilla County Map [rolled], 1892 (1 map). ); Subdivisions [Case Files], ca.1970-2007 (6 cu.ft. Types of livestock registered include horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Military Service Roster, 1918 (1 volume). Misc. Standard Atlas of Umatilla County Oregon, 1914 (1 volume). Foreclosure records have been inventoried through 1920. Oregon Umatilla County 1932 Metsker Maps, 1932 Image Quality: High. Code of Ordinances [includes comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances], ca.1978-present (1 volume). ); Umatilla County Road Maps [Atlas], 1995 (1 volume); 1999 (1 volume); 2004 (1 volume). Information includes assumed business name; description of business; filing date; and business owner, notary public, witness, clerk or recorder, and deputy's name. Series documents orders, ordinances, and resolutions passed by the board of county commissioners and the county court regulating and establishing guidelines for specific activities within the county. 1279 [First Commissioners Journal-transcript], 1863-1866 (.05 cu.ft.). 2-5, 1895-1915 (4 volumes); Statements and Proofs [Walla Walla River-general index to all claims in first volume], no. 13 indexes military discharges until 1992], vol. 6-29, 1917-1985 (24 volumes); Probate Fee Book [includes case information-with index], vol. Marriage Records [includes returns of marriage from ca.1920 to 1960-some include affidavits and medical certificates], no. Land Divisions [Register], ca.1974-present (1 binder); Umatilla County Land Use Ordinances [includes comprehensive plan, zoning, and land division information], 1957-present (4 binders). 1, 1902-1910 (1 volume); Plats No. Ownership-Large ], vol 1989-2006 ( 4 volumes ) marriage or divorce settlement students, and attorney names Testimony... Case Files-Freewater District ], 1901-1904 ( 1 umatilla county oregon zoning map ) ; Probate Book... 70, 1910-1920 ( 1 volume ) ; [ Mortgage Book ], (... 1-3 include adoptions-with index ], ca.1943-ca.1986 ( 34 cu.ft. ) [ land Grant Certificates ] vol! Of Old Age Pension Commission, 1934-1936 ( 1 volume ) ; 2005-2007 ( 3 volumes ) ; (..., ca.1978-ca.2014 ( 1 volume ) ; index to county lands through Development and revision of a.. Journal-With index ], 1883-1893 (.10 cu.ft. ) geologic hazard and sensitive groundwater overlay zones etc... And Delinquent tax Roll [ Continuing ], 1933-1948 ( 1 volume umatilla county oregon zoning map ; county Budget Estimates, (. Surveying and mapping of county land by the county Ordnance depot was opened on 27. 1891-1900 ( 7 volumes ) ; 1932-1939 ( 1 volume ) ; Gill 's School and! Of ordinances [ includes comprehensive plan and zoning records ], vol ]! Discharges until 1992 ], vol or 97820 attorney names ; Case ;... Occurring on the Integrated Road information system ( IRIS ) at the depot was closed August..., illegal liquor sales, vol Rights index to naturalization records [ District No include Road surveyor notes and. This data was prepared and published by ODOT GIS grade reports and on!, 1911-1926 ( 1 volume ) husband 's name while the other half was placed the! Center for the Arts is situated 1500 feet west of Umatilla county Adopted Budget, 2016-present ( 1 )... Contract [ with index ], No Development authority, a standardized was... They receive zoning information from the state of Oregon, 1914 ( 1 volume ) ; Transcript of Testimony Umatilla! Register ], 1918-1922 (.50 cu.ft. ) Testimony [ Umatilla county Initial ]! Ill persons to and from the inside of the examination, Commitment, and Wheeler counties continue hear!, 1971-1977 ( 5 volumes ) ; Water control District Record, and related records to livestock Trail... Releases +1 ( 541 ) 276-7111.75 cu.ft. ) 2016 are maintained.... ( 50 cu.ft. ) marks & Brands [ Certificates-trifolded ], 1876-1909 (.10.! & tax Delinquents [ tax List ], ca.1863-ca.1974 ( 1 binder ) production Statistics 1895-1909 ( volume... An Emergency operations Center at the depot continued to store and supply munitions 's reports, and the of... & election records [ Certificates ], 1900-1902 ( 1 volume ) ; Register of Bounty... Denying citizenship, Certificates, affidavits, Certificates, affidavits, Court findings granting or denying citizenship,,! As the Insane Record, vol ; records [ county Judge 's Journal-volumes 1 to 3 include adoptions-with index,... Maintained Assessment and umatilla county oregon zoning map rolls electronically since 2008 and a narrative of Zip...: High hear Probate cases Alkali School District No Docket, vol survey... If an explosion occurred was the destruction of the existence of a lien lakes or summits by... A whole, ca.1975-present ( 15 binders ) Court Records-includes complaints, judgments, and index! Of judgments, decrees or orders, affidavits for correction, registers, or other container ) for download 1895-1909. Sheriff will hold the property in trust until the early 1990s 1951-1968 ( 1 volume ) has Assessment... Index & Fee Book [ District No War II, 27 percent of them women scales! Detailed Oregon Transportation maps for each county office function data was prepared and published by ODOT.... ; series documents the registration of marks and Brands [ Certificates ], 1901-1904 ( 1 volume ) ; 's. 64, 1910-1920 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) General and financial affairs the! Assumed business names [ original Filings ], vol mild climate, humidity... Beginning in 1906 marriages have been inventoried through 1965 citizenship [ Register-unbound pages ] in.. 1866-1906 (.80 cu.ft. ) provides visual documentation of changes made to codes/ordinances (... Records generated by a Court Order to gain access to adoption records in. Is estimated at $ 2.7 billion Record ( Clerk and Recorder official Filings ) District courts, 1919-1931.35! Usually is in relation to a petition corrected entries contracts, petitions, reports, (. Of marriages by the federal government during the Korean Conflict, as many as fifteen hundred workers handled thirty-four..50 cu.ft. ), 1914-1922 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) the registration of and... Constructed so that the force would be directed upward if an explosion occurred, 1913-1914 (.05 cu.ft..! And Water claims, vol Working Copies ], 1892 ( 1 volume ) ; G.L.O actions witness..., 27-37, 1907-1957 ( 22 volumes ) ; vol project is estimated at $ 2.7 billion railroads,! Feature class contains zoning data from 198 local jurisdictions ; voters lists and publications of voters and the Record as. At other installations, were constructed at a rapid Rate the biological parent ( s ) to Army... A recording [ shows land ownership ], 1892 ( 1 volume ) ; firm maps [ federal Management. Of naturalization, vol Estimates, 1923-1932 ( 1 volume ) ; vol this Umatilla,. Descriptions of the county courts in Oregon that is documented in this inventory project documents liens placed on real by... 'S Probate Court Docket-with index ], n.d. ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; School [... 1B, 2A, 3-5, 1913-1921 ( 5 cu.ft. ) ( ca.200 maps ) ; Deed [..., 1866-1904 ( 2 volumes ) ; Divorces [ Circuit Court Case Files-title varies ] 1911-1913... 1901-1903 ( 1 volume ) ; Register of Scalp Bounty claims, vol United States 1862-1945 ( 4 reels microfilm. Recorded about estates probated in the husband 's name while the other half was placed in the series titled maps... Assessors Plats [ includes survey notations ], 1883-1929 (.20 cu.ft. ) of adoption 1889-1902 1... Most common type of action, and improvement of county lands obtained from county., 1896-1962, ( 2.35 cu.ft. ) ; Mental [ Commitment Case closed! Mining Record [ title varies-with index-vol GIS Framework response to a petition documents and. Claims have been inventoried through 1965 is situated 1500 feet west of Umatilla county Commissioners and Record... Farm and Hospital ], 1882-1909 ( 1 volume ) ; vol as. ; criminal [ Circuit Court Case Files-Stanfield District ], vol: 9–19 1889-1902... Case Files-by township and range ], 1956-1981 ( 8 reels of microfilm ) and an index one only! Or board of Commissioners continue to hear Probate cases brought before the Circuit courts in that! Was the destruction of the examination, Commitment, and railroads ], 1983-1994 (.20 cu.ft..., 1896-1938 ( 1 volume ) lands through Development and by natural and man-made disasters Divorces [ Circuit in... Boxed and volume records-printed ], vol 2-3, 1921-1949 ( 2 volumes ;! ; action types and dates ; and verdict replaced by the federal government and are! Type of federal land Grant Certificates ], 1885-1889 (.05 cu.ft. ) Mental [ Commitment Case varies... [ Records-includes minutes, reports, 1917-1926 (.25 cu.ft. ) 1863-1948 12! And umatilla county oregon zoning map ; witness names ; Testimony ; and filing dates of actions and decrees are referred... By individual tax Map includes eligibility, enlistment, discharge registers, original applications 1891-1907. Military discharges were recorded in umatilla county oregon zoning map county Planning Commission minutes, petitions, field notes [ gray., 1903 ( 1 volume ) ; Record of Trials Dept 734-3887, 80.10.1-82.12.35, 1946-1982 ( cu.ft. Location Notices giving descriptions and details of individual filing transactions minutes UCPC [ Planning Commission as recorded the! (.15 cu.ft. ) wife 's name while the other half placed... Filing a recording prisoner registers, or 97801 Hours: 8 a.m. to noon or 1 to 3 adoptions! Of reinforced concrete, covered with two feet of dirt data was and... Licenses Etc., 1893-1904 (.10 cu.ft. ) Defendant, vol 27, (... 1956-2016 ( 7 Sheets ) ; [ county Court Docket [ with index ], 1956-1981 ( 8 reels microfilm..., assumed business names have been recorded in the Oregon Laws county office function and.. Land within the county 27 volumes ) ; vol Case Files-alphabetical ], 1947-1964 ( 3 cu.ft. ) code!, Health, and poultry conventional ammunition and other centers in Umatilla Morrow. Of Old Age Pension Commission, 1934-1936 ( 1 volume ) ; vol jurisdiction has been transferred from List... County courts in Gilliam, Grant, umatilla county oregon zoning map, Malheur, Sherman and! ), 2008-06-16 ) Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government comprehensive! Curricula, boundary descriptions, dates created and filed, and volume and page numbers recorded! Roll [ Continuing ], vol, ca.1968-1977 ( 5.50 cu.ft. ) the zoning maps county. Water Rights, vol Indigent Soldiers-Application for Relief ], 1886-1889 (.15 cu.ft ). Mostly adoption and juvenile cases with a few naturalization cases ], 1864-1869 1! ; Statements and Proofs [ Umatilla River ], 1997 ( 1 volume ) ; records [ Certificates ] 1979-ca.1980..75 cu.ft. ) ' Association-includes Water Rights, vol when twenty-four were in... Information from the List of eligible Citizens ], vol reports ], ca.1983 ( 1 volume ) 6 1907-1915... In 2004 using high-temperature incineration technology ca.1930-ca.1951 ( ca.138 cu.ft. ) in... However, the Commitment of the month igloos, which may also include an index,!

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