# Experimental group: OPTIMUS SIGNATURE V2 CPU BLOCK - Standard intel - flow rate: 261~264L/h - Ambient: 15.7°C - Package: 64°C - Core Max: 64°C - Avg. Performance-PCs has the biggest inventory of quality water blocks to cool your CPU. Optimus seastar. Signature: HP TouchPad - 1.2 ... My question is - can you use a v4 Xeon in any Z440 or is there a boot block date type issue as there was with the Zx20, ... in the case of the Zx20 range the HP quick specs do not differentiate between a v1 machine capable of only running v1 CPU's and v2 machine capable of running both v1 and v2 cpu's. 1 Review. Our fittings hold like crazy because of the gasket but we don't recommend using anything but 1/2" tubing (which is easier to find in the US), though we haven't tried 13mm which is .512". I hope you're documenting your case modding and cable sleeving, because I'm very much interested in that as well. The 2080Ti I have is a very good card anyway. That's why the Optimus ultra thin CNC fins are the best of both worlds -- the highest surface area with CNC precision to ensure long lasting performance.

By integrating the jet design into the unibody block, the Signature eliminates steel from the loop, reducing potential for rust and corrosion. Questions? Alongside the Optimus Foundation CPU block, we saw it fit to also cover the company's flagship Signature CPU block. OUR HISTORY. Distilled, aside from being cheap, is also the highest performance coolant readily available. Optimus security services. Case Old Marble Slab. Curious how the less expensive Foundation versions compare. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Questions? Black Ice Nemesis 360 GTX. I will be sure to run more tests on Optimus’ CPU blocks including their 2080 Ti/Titan RTX GPU block and post it in a future blog. No Stock. The Optimus looks to be less restrictive and has same size fitting as my Raystorm Pro, but $179 for the Signature V2. ... Signature V2 CPU Block - Intel Sold Out. Enabled SCRAM monitoring for code load with resolved CPU coordination. Core: 59.83°C. Optimus Gen2 Cold Plates Sold Out. Optimus Signature V2 CPU Block (tried taking a macro shot, I can't stop drooling over this thing) Optimus 8.5" (216mm) D5 pump/res (with single G1/4 port on top. The Foundation Block is designed for the latest Intel CPUs and features extreme build quality and the same cold plate and performance design as our premium Signature block for maximum cooling and … Look at most open loop water blocks, the fins are quite large. Yes it's custom watercooling but like others have said, when we are spending $2k on a processor, you may as well spend the money to treat it right and have it properly cooled. Optimus Water Cooling is a new company in the CPU custom water block cooling game that is located in Illinois. Optimus seafood. In its second version, the Signature V2 for Intel CPU sockets features to good effect a thick unibody brass top and mounting bracket, as well as the cooling engine and other features of their Foundation block. Fittings for 10~14? Alongside the Optimus Foundation CPU block, we saw it fit to also cover the company's flagship Signature CPU block. Just ordered an Optimus Foundation for my 3700X. Optimus Signature V2 Intel CPU Block - Copper $179.00 Product Images.

Flaking, disintegrating nickel is a widespread problem in liquid cooling. And surface area = cooling performance.

Optimus signature v2 water block.